Web Design Packages 


Meta Tags: One of the most important things you NEED to do is make sure you have good meta tags.  
What are meta tags you ask?  Well simply put, they are a bunch of lines of code at the top of your html 
page that tells search engines what they will find on your page. They include things like keywords, 
descriptions.. without these, many good search engines will ignore your page.  
Here is a terrific link that will create meta tags for you if you are not web savvy. www.metatagbuilder.com

Awards: One of the best kept secrets to drive up your web traffic is to offer an award. 
People like to receive recognition for their efforts and this allows them to get noticed. 
What many people don't realize is.. it also is free advertising for you.  
Create an award and give it away to pages that qualify. 
It is also good to see all of the sites that other people create for ideas. 

Rings: You can join a web ring for just about any topic under the sun. 
These are a way for people to surf from like site to like site.  
Join any that might apply to your site.  One of the most popular is web ring.  

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