Web Design Packages 


I have many different packages available. I am confident that one of them would fit your requirements.  The price depends on what your needs are. See standard package prices below. 

When we get together to discuss your options, I will give you a free estimate. It will probably surprise you how affordable it is, especially compared to traditional forms of advertising.

There is no cost to find out how I can help expand your business. Why not contact me today?

Item Cost
Single web page $50
5 pages $100
10 Pages $200
Submission to top Search Engines $50
Domain Name Registration $50*
Locate and set up web host $50*
Training on doing your own upkeep and maintenance $200
Monthly Maintenance varies

*does not include cost by provider, simply cost you pay me to set up for you. 
Provider costs will vary depending on your needs and desire


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