Our Son - Shiloh

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As a Baby:

He Loves to be on top of my TV or  Monitor.

He is for sure my kitty, he loves to be near or behind the computer: 

He hates the printer, even today he attacks it every time I print. Thank God I am mostly paperless. 

When he was a baby, he used to sleep across my arms while I was on the computer. 

He is a real lap kitty.

When we had him declawed., he was in so much pain and on so much medication that I had him on my desk and raised his food so he could get to it without much effort:

This is no joke he loves to watch TV. Especially this DVD acquarium. He chases the fish all over the screen:

Our latest endeavor is to toilet train him.  He is about 80% there.  He hasn't used a litter box in months and is 99% weaned off of litter. 
How to Toilet Train you Cat | Yahoo Toilet Train your Cat group - we have tried the bowl and roasting pan methods and are now using a platform.  

Disclaimer, when we were still on litter, there was no way to keep the bowl looking clean because the litter went everywhere.  It isn't waste you are seeing, I wouldn't gross out my loved ones with photos of that.  It is simply litter on the bowl.
DSCN2132.JPG (72163 bytes)
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Roasting pan method we were using. The only problem is once the sides got small enough toward the end, they became very unstable and he got scared to use it.
DSCN2136.JPG (58820 bytes)
We are now using a simple board across the front of the bowl. He stands with is hind legs on the board and goes straight into the water. We are currently catching him do his business and sliding the board out, forcing him to put all of his paws on the seat.  The board keeps being slid to less space too and soon hopefully there will be no need for a board at all. 
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Misc Wonderful photos of my son.